Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I saw this article and it caught my attention.It is quite funny but entirely true.Read on and you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

It’s not a coincidence that between the end of December holidays and Valentine’s Day, known as the “National Break-Up Season”, 25% of people reassess their romantic relationships.

With the amount of advertising going on and information on Google, You’ll think that even the most romantic man could never mess things up. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that men constantly mess gifts up for their girlfriends often leaving a sour taste in the relationship.

A bad gift can cause not only unhappiness, but tension, fighting and eventually breakups.

So here we go chaps, these are ten gifts you should never give your girlfriend, no matter how much a point you might want to make.

1. Anything related to Weight loss:

Except your girlfriends is a body builder or has specifically requested an exercise machine, a weight loss tape, or dietbooks, don’t even go there. Any woman will take this as a sign that you think she is too fat. What she’s hearing from you is "In some way, I’m ugly to you." Weight loss gifts can lead down the breakup path.

2. Clothing:

Unless you know her exact size and measurements, stay away from clothing include lingerie. If it’s too tight, it will make her feel fat and embarrassed. If it’s too big, she will also assume you think she is fat. You can’t win either way, as the linkages to being fat are always there. Even if you got here exact size, you now have to battle with whether you got the right color and size.

3. Sports-based Satellite TV Subscription:

Yes you are a great fan of English FA league, you can watch the rerun of Arsenal playing Chelsea, but what makes you think she will choose the game before a rerun of Desperate House Wife or Ugly Betty. Your girlfriend might not mind watching the match with you, but she doesn’t want you getting her satellite TV loaded up with sports channels for Valentine’s Day. Get something loaded with movie channels.

4. Items wrapped in ring-sized jewelry boxes:

Except you plan to propose, this is a no-no. Anything that comes wrapped in a ring-sized jewelry box should better contain an engagement ring else you will have stirred up the wrong emotions. The moment she sees what’s inside and it’s not a ring, you would have brought out fear and misunderstandings. If you have to give her ring which is not advisable, make sure it’s in a container drastically different from a ring box and avoid kneeling down to present the gift.

5. Cleaning Items:

"Ewww!" Why give her a box of body soap or antiperspirant? Anything that has to do with cleaning is cold, unemotional and basically sends the message: “I thing you are messy, dirty, smelly or unable to maintain a home.” The word here is NEVER!

6. Cheap Perfume:

This is also one of the worst presents a girlfriend can receive. They are quite strong smelling, and revolting at most. If you don’t know what she wears, better ask her first. No woman wants to go out smelling cheap. Worse she will be allergic to the perfume and breakout. She’ll never forgive you and you’ll be out the door in no time.

7. Framed picture of yourself:

OK you feel cool and handsome, she thinks so too, that’s why she tolerates you, but honestly she doesn’t want to build a shrine. Loving yourself is important but do get her what she loves not what you love. It’s all about her.

8. Kitchen Appliances:

E.g. Kettle, cooking set or electric oven. OK so you what her "barefoot, pregnant and cooking", but must you make is so obvious? In this century, women want to feel independent and respected. Kitchen appliances say you are old school.

9. Expired Chocolates:

Chocolates can be a perfect gift; they’re frivolous, fun and beautiful. It shows you are thinking about them but buying chocolate in traffic (go-slow) or the corner supermarket shows no thought or caring went into the gift, and even worse, that the item is cheap and shoddy. They show you don’t care enough and she isn’t worth jack.

10. No Gift:

No excuse for "No Gift" fellas. One of the all time low gifts that a boyfriend can give a girlfriend is forget to buy her a gift and then say in the most "corny" way that she has him. This will anger any girlfriend, and can actually ruin a perfectly good relationship.

The simple guide for picking gifts for your girlfriend is to avoid any gifts that seem to have questionable messages attached to them, unless you are trying to make a point in a not-so-subtle way. So the next time you think of getting a little something for your girlfriend, think again, and do take another female along to choose the gift.

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  1. Many guys won't look at it from this angle.Indeed,this is a nice article.

  2. Indeed many guys won't look at it from that perspective.But that was the essence of the article.To actually make guys understand that gifts do speak.Thank you very much anonymous,hope you'll drop a name next time!

  3. HA!!!!I see you again here o!!! I have my stalkarrazi radar beeping seriously. Giving gifts in relationships, especially from a man's standpoint is a whole college course by itself. Once, I got a jewellry gift which was exciting, but I was pissed because I felt it was overpriced. It had been bought from a supermarket/boutique and I was mad because for the price, I felt it should have been 18k gold, yet because it was from a boutique, I couldnt really be sure. I knew the price only because the earring broke and we headed back to the boutique, can you just imagine?! You want to buy jewelry? Buy from a "mama oni gold" or a jewellry store...stop confusing yourself, haba!

  4. HoneyDame-Yeah,i'm here o,LOL! Anyways,for guys i admit it can be hard,but not with a guy like me.I am too sensitive not to know what to get my girl.

  5. If only Us Guys could read the mind of our women,we would not have soooooooooooooOOOO much troubles..Gift shopping to me is the hardest job on the planet coz u can`t really see beyond the thank you n smiles.

  6. LOL!! No comment!

    p.s- I see u've got word verification here mister!

  7. lol! you are one brilliant brother! very true. thanks for stopping by my blog. i enjoyed this post.

  8. I soooo love 7,8,9 n 10!....His picture on my birthday..hellooooo????..even if he is Super man,i will sweetly tell him ''i have your picture inscribed in my heart..its neither hard or soft copy..its called heart copy''..NO GIFT?...hmmmmmm

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